Sometimes an industry needs a new perspective that transcends what it believes it is or what is possible for the industry to achieve. The vaping, eJuice and mod industries just might be at that point in their life-cycle, and we see an opportunity to be a part of something transformational and disruptive. So we asked ourselves some questions about the vaping industry and basic business processes that got us thinking even more.

Has eLiquid, vaping and Mod device companies become stagnant, all looking alike and doing business the same way?

Is it time for disruption within vaping with new looks, focus on quality and away from dark or hard memes that give the industry a certain back alley vibe?

We believe that if something doesn’t change or grow, it’s dead. What do you think?

A Different Perspective On Vape Brands

The development of the Juç vape eliquid brand is something we liken to the disruption that Uber has had on taxi services. Our intent is to develop an ejuice brand that does three important things…

1- Elevate the visual and brand perceptions of the vaping industry with high-end branding, digital marketing and content on the level of some of the world’s top lifestyle brands that will expand the market to existing/mainstream smokers, professionals and other adults that otherwise remain unaware or unreceptive to vaping.

2- Develop and distribute the most amazing, dead on vape juice flavors within the industry, that are moderately, yet fairly priced, always putting quality over quantity.

3- Establish the biggest eliquid subscription system in the vaping industry that delivers vapers with an amazing, hassle free solution, that makes getting ejuice easier than ever and without running to shops or websites week after week.

Why A New Perspective On Vaping Is Needed?

Vaping is made up of an amazing community of vapers, eliquid companies and equipment brands that together have impacted smoking and the lives of smokers in the most positive ways. This we love!

There are so many incredible people in the vaping industry and we love them too! Each of them are perfectly unique with their own style, look and perspectives. We dig these people. But what if you are one of the millions of smokers in the world who are not under the age of 30 or maybe don’t have multiple tattoos? What if you are one of those millions who are a family person that stays clear of continual photo’s of women in bikini’s?

You see, the vaping market goes beyond all of us that started early in this industry. There are far more people who need the benefits of vaping, that might not be like us, our style or our vaping “culture”. There are many more people who need the most effective alternative to smoking that aren’t going to find out about these possibilities if there isn’t a brand and solution that they can connect with.

The vaping industry might possibly be constricting itself due to the perception it has created of itself, when in actuality the entire potential vaping market is so much bigger than most of us realize.

Where Is The Vape Business Going?

At Juç, we intend on changing the perception of vaping in ways similar to other major brands and how they transformed their burgeoning markets into billion dollar, lifestyle brands. We intend on being a driving force in vaping that expands the market to the millions that truly need it. We also intend on improving the perception of the vaping industry so that politicians, governments and the general public see it for its amazing benefits and possibilities, rather than something that can and should be trod upon because it is fringe.

We intend on making vaping an acceptable, respectable and mainstream alternative to smoking that saves lives and is enjoyable, innovative AND cool!

How do you think the perspective should change in the vape industry?