Does vaping really work is something we have heard quite a bit from smokers over the years. There is something about vaping and the perception of the industry that sometimes causes the newly exposed to think that it appears too good to be true -or- that there is just something not right with vaping. Whether it be the main stream media in North America that reports what they’ve been told by the government and big tobacco controlled research companies, or simply having no real frame of reference about vaping and vape products whatsoever, it leads many to as does vaping really work.

Does vaping really work?

The answer is a resounding yes, vaping does work, however does vaping work could mean several different things to different people, so we need to address the question based on these different viewpoints. The usual meaning of the question does vaping work, is typically surrounding the connection to smoking. People want to know if vaping works as a way to get off smoking cigarettes, so this is the question we will focus on in our article.

Does Vaping Work?

In our years of helping people to use vaping as a smoking alternative we can unequivocally say yes, vaping does work.

Vaping works for smokers looking for an alternative to lighting up.

Vaping also works as a way for smokers to reduce the numbers of toxins they are putting in their body. In fact, In 2015, Public Health England estimated vaping to be about 95% safer than smoking.

Vaping works as a way to reduce the amount of nicotine that you ingest into your body.

But these are just our observations from the thousands of smokers we come in contact with that were motivated to find an alternative to smoking. But it goes deeper than that for us. We too once smoked and were saved by vaping! Nearly everyone on our team used to smoked cigarettes and desperately wanted something that worked. We had all tried numerous times to quit smoking, using all of the known and available pharmaceuticals, patches and other stop smoking remedies. In fact one individual on our team was a 36 year heavy smoker who had tried everything to stop smoking numerous times, yet after vaping for the first time has not lit a cigarette ever again.

In our experience, vaping works for approximately 75 percent of the motivated people who try it.

When Doesn’t Vaping Work?

For smokers, there are generally a few reasons why vaping doesn’t work. Many times people know nothing or very little about vaping, or ecigs and simply stop at their mini mart and buy the tiny ecig they’ve seen behind the counter. Most of the ecigs found in mini-marts and grocery stores are mostly produced by the big tobacco companies and they don’t taste good at all. These little ecigarettes also typically do not have enough power to give smokers a feeling of satisfaction that is needed to break the smoking habit. Finally, if you’ve been a heavier smoker for a period of years, the small, low powered e-cigs from the mini-mart can become quite costly, with how many cartridges a day you will go through to get what feels like enough nicotine/vapor through them.

One or a combination of these three scenarios tends to lead a smoker or someone new to vaping or e-cigarettes to a less than positive experience, which results in feeling altogether that vaping doesn’t work. That’s where smokers and consumers alike need to know that there is a significant difference between the typical, popular ecig device and a vaping mod or (vaping device). With literally thousands of vaping devices, power levels and designs, we believe that there is the perfect vaping setup and flavor combination out there for every single smoker. When you get educated on vaping, the mods and flavors, your chance of success with vaping as an alternative to smoking increasing dramatically!

Why Does Vaping Work?

Without getting into the science and studies behind lit tobacco, it’s 4,000 – 7,000 carcinogens and harmful effects, or the handful of simple, known ingredients contained in vapor, we want to give you a simple layman explanation of why vaping works for so many people.

In our experience, there seems to be at least four main reasons that vaping helps smokers to be able to stop lighting up.

1- Inhaling similarly – Vaping seems to give the smoker something they can inhale that is similar for what they have been doing for years with a cigarette. The inhaling of eliquid or ejuice vapor gives a similarity to the user that other methods just doesn’t resemble.

2- Adjustable nicotine levels – Unlike most tobacco products, vape juice or e-liquid is comprised of mixed ingredients to formulate a final blend. One of the components within the ejuice vape blend is nicotine. There are two main types of nicotine contained in most vaping liquids – 1) tobacco derived nicotine and 2) non-tobacco derived nicotine.

Regardless of where the nicotine is sourced from, the levels of nicotine put into most e-liquid products come in a few different levels of strength or potency. For example: our vape juice comes in 0,3,6 and 12 mg of nicotine per milliliter of liquid. With the adjustable levels of nicotine available in vape liquid products, the user has simple choices and options for how they wish to use vaping.

3- Immediate relief – Another factor in why vaping works for smokers is its immediate relief. What we have seen is that many that try vaping are able to notice the possibilities right away, after just a few hits on their ecig or vaping mod device. In fact the vast majority of motivated quitters make the jump in that first day and suffer substantially reduced withdrawal and other negative cessation effects from their previously attempted methods.

In our long experience working with our eliquid customers, we have also developed several tactics and tips that go a long way in improving the success rate of vaping vs smoking. We will include another blog post soon that details our 3 minute rule and other helpful tips to help you stop smoking through vaping.

Does Vaping REALLY Work?

Does vaping really work? Our direct personal and vaping industry experience clearly shows that it does. Furthermore, when one begins to seek out, speak to and question some of the millions of former smokers that have transitioned to vaping as an alternative to combustible tobacco products, you will find incredibly passionate people that will tell you that yes vaping REALLY works.

Be aware that not all ecig, mod devices or e-liquid products are created equal. Just like in any industry, quality and effectiveness will vary, along with power, flavor and results. But at the end of the day if you are truly motivated to remove tobacco from your life and seek out help from experienced vaping professionals like us at Juç, you will soon find yourself saying vaping does really work for you as well!