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Juç eLiquid Subscription Options

If you’re ready to finally try the best alternative to smoking cigarettes or an avid vaper, the vape juice subscription system by Juç has the perfect eliquid flavors for you with no running to the store, no reordering and zero hassle. We make vaping and managing your e-liquids simple and hassle free, and always the most amazing e-juice flavors! If you don’t want to subscribe just yet, you can always shop the vape store.

As low as $17.99 per 60ml bottle! eJuice Delivered, No Hassle

USA shipping is always included at no cost.

Juç Nicotine Levels

**Important** Unlike many other ejuice brands, we give you a true amount of nicotine in each bottle of Juc eliquid. We are determined to bring an end to dishonest measuring and labeling that is common within the eliquid industry. So, when you buy a bottle of Juç brand vape juice, you can rest assured that the exact amount of nicotine that is indicated on the label, will also be the exact amount of nicotine that is contained within the bottle.

We know that the vaping “throat hit” (TH) can be an important part of providing smokers with a similar sensation in order to help quit smoking once and for all. So refer to the following throat hit chart below for selecting your Juc eliquid nicotine level.

0mg – virtually no TH
3mg – smooth but slight TH
6mg – medium TH (has a bit of a kick)
12mg – hard TH (recommended for heavy smokers)

It’s All About Flavor & Quality