There is growing evidence that e-cigarettes and other vaping methods may provide a safer alternative over traditional smoking of cigarettes. In yet another in a series of new e cigarette studies on vaping, it was determined that the total particulate matter collected from the vaping device emissions displayed no activity that is known to result in tumorous promoters. That means that using the same scientific methods and in vitro surrogates for detecting tumor promoters with traditional cigarettes in the past, vape emissions appear to not have any tumor promoter activity.

A Study Comparing Toxins Within Smoking and Vape Emissions

The study was published on the National Institute of Health/NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information website (, and authored by British American Tobacco, Research and Development, Southampton, UK and the Department of Genetic Toxicology, Bioreliance Corporation out of Rockville, Maryland. Using in vitro cell transformation assays (CTA) to assess the carcinogenic potential of chemicals and complex mixtures to detect nongenotoxic as well as genotoxic carcinogens, through the well known method of “Bhas 42 CTA”, which includes protocols to distinguish between the two carcinogen classes.

What The Ecig Tumor Study Reveals

Let’s try to break all of this scientific information down to more simple terms. This scientific study used known and accepted testing methods to try to determine if any tumor causing precursor substances were contained within the vapor that is inhaled using an e-cigarette. The same studies have already been conducted for traditional cigarettes, but had as of yet been conducted on ecig or vaping devices.

The study reveals a few extremely important points that anyone curious about the benefits of vaping, ecigarettes and eliquids offer over smoking cigarettes, should find very encouraging. Here are the main points that are important take aways from the e-cigarette study:

1- The tumor promotion study compares the biological effects of substances contained within cigarettes and vaping or ecigarettes to determine which were found detecting tumor promoters.

2- The study clearly indicates that cigarette smoke is known to be carcinogenic and is proven positive for genotoxicity. Genotoxicity is a destructive effect on a cell’s genetic material (DNA, RNA) affecting its integrity. Genotoxins are mutagens, which can cause mutations.

3- Cigarette smoke is also proven to contain nongenotoxic carcinogens, which is a tumour promoter and co-carcinogen. Non-genotoxic carcinogens are chemical carcinogens that induce cancer via non-genotoxic mechanisms.

4- Using the same scientific methods, ecigarettes were given the same testing standards.

5- Though the ecigarette was subjected to the same battery of testing as the traditional combustible cigarette, the e-cigarette did not have any tumor promoter activity.

A Safer Alternative To Smoking

Although there are industries such as Pharmacuetical and some Tobacco giants that are driving paid studies that are intended to discredit vaping and e-cigarettes in order to protect their grip on revenue, there are numerous studies that support vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. Furthermore, when you add governments around the country and globe that rely on the tax and settlement income from smoking and related tobacco products, it isn’t hard to see why they might want to see vape and ecigs go away altogether.

But the facts are that there is significant growing evidence that suggests that e-cigarettes may provide a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. When one takes the time to look for it, it isn’t difficult to see the mounting case for quitting smoking and using alternatives to do it quickly, with far fewer negative effects. In fact, we have accumulated several fact based studies with a lot of information on how vaping is considered to be a much safer alternative that we know will be very helpful for you. Click Here for our piece on “Is Vaping Better For Me Than Smoking?”