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I Wish They’d Quit Smoking…

If you have someone in your life who smokes and you don’t seem to be able to get them to quit smoking, you’re not alone. Currently there are approximately 30 million daily smokers in the United States. For every smoker, there is around 10 people in their lives that desperately want them to stop. This page is dedicated to those 300 million people who know someone they care about who is smoking.

If you found yourself on this page, one of the following is exactly or at least close to how you are feeling about a loved one, friend or coworker who smokes.

How to get someone to quit smoking? How can I get my Dad to quit smoking? I wish my daughter would quit smoking. How do I help my mother to stop smoking? I want my friend to quit smoking. My parents won’t stop smoking.

How Can I Help Someone Quit Smoking?

Contrary to our instincts, nagging someone about their smoking in order to somehow get them to quit, isn’t very helpful. In fact, it can even do the opposite. Smoking is beyond just a bad habit, it is a serious addiction to not only nicotine, but many other substances that are contained in traditional cigarettes.

Your best option for helping a friend or family member to stop smoking is to be educated about their options. Look for opportunities to openly discuss options that you have educated yourself about in a non-emotional way. Have answers to questions that your loved one might have and be prepared to back up your discussion with facts.

Most Smokers Have Tried To Quit

Though many smokers would prefer to stop smoking, the addiction, fears and difficulties surrounding quitting are just too challenging. Some smokers are able to just quit cold turkey and that’s awesome, but most just can’t do that for various reasons. Getting the right help is crucial for most smokers to quit.

An Effective Alternative For Quitting Smoking

If you have a friend, family member or coworker who smokes and you know that they are open to quitting, there is a better alternative for finally stopping. For about the cost of a carton of cigarettes, your loved one can be well on their way to not smoking cigarettes. We have helped literally hundreds of people to quit smoking using vape, which is proven to be 95% safer than smoking with a much better success rate than other stop smoking aids.

Resources To Help You Help Them


Does Vaping Really Work?

In our years of helping people to use vaping as a smoking alternative we can unequivocally say yes, vaping does work. Beyond that, there’s a lot of information showing that vaping works for smokers.

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

There are numerous credible reports on the effectiveness of vaping that we cover within this article. The information discussed also links to the related study, article or documentation associated.

New To Vaping? Get More Info.

If you’re new to vaping, you likely have questions. We have put together a lot of information to help you understand vape technology, vaping terms and processes involved in vaping.

Get A Vaping Setup Now

So if you’re ready to help a friend or family member quit smoking, let’s get you started with a mod device, some eliquid and a Vape Crusaders Juc subscription that will deliver your eliquid automatically every month. And we’re here to help. No hassle.

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