Got Questions About
Juç eLiquid?



Frequently Asked Questions


Are you new to vaping or considering quitting smoking?

You’re in luck! We’ve created an entire page with helpful videos, terms and definitions and some helpful tips and information about vaping that will help you out. Click Here

How does the Juç ejuice subscription work?

It’s simple and hassle free. You simply subscribe to your desired number of bottle subscription, select the vape juice flavor or flavors you want and the nicotine level you want in your bottles and subscribe. At anytime, you can cancel your subscription or change your e-liquid flavors and nicotine levels.

Can I cancel my Juç vape juice box subscription?

Yes! At anytime you can login to your account and cancel, change or modify your ejuice subscription. No hassle.

I’m new to vaping, does Juç help me get going?

We are passionate about helping new vapers get going, especially those that have unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking over and over. In fact, when you get the Mod+Juc and subscription, you’ll not only get everything you need to get going, but we provide you with access to videos and help that walk you through every step of vaping with us. We are committed to our customers.

What happens after I subscribe to Juç?

Sit back and relax, we have you covered. Once you subscribe to your desired subscription level, flavor and nicotine selections are queued up for shipping. If you’re in the United States, there’s never a shipping charge and your first shipment is sent right to your door within several (3-5 business days) days. Inside your Juç package, you’ll find your monthly subscription order, a welcome card with helpful details and a Juç fortune. (You’ll just have to wait and see what that is.)

From then on, every month you’ll get your recurring vape juice order shipped directly to your door. No going to the store, no need to hunt online, no hassles and simple.

Does Juç have more ejuice flavors?

Besides the introductory Juç eLiquid flavors, we also have several additional flavors through our parent company, Vape Crusaders. Let’s just say there’s more to come. In fact, we may occasionally include an additional sample bottle with your subscription to get your juices flowing so to speak. We will also notify our customers via emails and newsletters when additional flavors are added to the Juç ejuice subscription box service.

Does Juç only sell eLiquid by subscription?

No, you can actually buy Juç e-juice by the bottle without a subscription. Simply visit the Vape Crusaders / Juç vape store and shop for our Juç and Vape Crusader brand vape juice flavors in either a 15ml sample sizes or our regular 60ml bottles.