Just Quit Smoking Cold Turkey, Right? We’ve all heard this from nonsmokers, or even from the past smoker who was blessed to make it through the smoking jungle more easily than many others. But we’ve heard the other stories a million times more often, or maybe it is even your story of smoking that you are currently living. You have smoked cigarettes for years or even decades, once really enjoying it, but eventually coming to feel the effects of putting toxic smoke and chemicals into your body.

Now totally and completely addicted to smoking, you have tried every patch, gum and pharmaceutical stop smoking aid, or even the numerous cold turkey techniques that somehow just never worked for you. Unfortunately, many smokers have literally tried everything to quit smoking, yet despite their desire and attempts at cold turkey, they just can’t quit!

Does this stop smoking scenario sound like you?

Possibly, this is the story of your father who smokes that you just haven’t been able to help quit. Maybe you have a son or daughter who is smoking and though you’ve discussed it with them and they’ve tried, they just can’t seem to quit the smoking habit. It could even be a story about your friend or coworker who you are watching succumb to the negative effects of smoking. Either way, if you are not a smoker and are watching a loved one that you care about struggle with the gripping addiction to cigarettes, it can seem like a terribly hopeless path.

Why Quit Smoking?

We could get into thousands of details about all of the reasons that someone should quit smoking, but at the end of the day, it comes down to health, family, quality of life and early death. The fact is that smoking kills. Smoking also comes with the negative effects of inhaling some 4,000 toxic chemicals and compounds that are released when paper, tobacco and it’s natural and additive compounds are burned. It’s not necessarily the nicotine (one of the 4,000 toxins and chemicals released when using a combustible cigarette) that kills, it’s all of the other toxins and chemical compounds that are combined together as you drag on the cigarette, before entering your lungs.

Where Are You In The Stop Smoking Ecosystem

We believe that there is an ecosystem that surrounds the stop smoking movement. Some of the components of this ecosystem surround the true wellbeing of the smoker, while others focus around the business of that appearance. These also break down into commercial and personal elements that either work together to help or even hinder someone from quitting smoking.

First, let’s take a look at the actual smoker statistics for the U.S.

At last researched, there are approximately 36.5 million active daily smokers of cigarettes in the United States. That number means that about 15% of the U.S. adult population is smoking. Though the percentage of the population has decreased from 21% since 2005, the total number of smokers in the US is still quite large.

The components of the stop smoking ecosystem:

The Smoker: The person that is actually smoking is ultimately the driver to quitting cigarettes. If they want to stop smoking, they are far more likely to be successful. The smoker is the most important component of the stop smoking ecosystem.

Stop Smoking Products: On the commercial side of the stop smoking ecosystem are the companies and products that are specifically designed to aid with the quitting of smoking. They are the pharmaceutical companies, their pills, patches and inhalers, along with the gums and lozenges. Though not very effective, this part of the stop smoking ecosystem is worth billions of dollars every year and is highly regulated by the government. What’s more these products have only a 3-7% first attempt smoking cessation rate.

Friends/Family: Friends and family play a significant positive or negative role in the stop smoking ecosystem. They are either part of the smokers drive and desire to quit, or they are helping make it harder by smoking themselves or possibly even becoming a nag about smoking. Depending on the smoker, friends and family can contribute to helping or harming a smoker’s chance of quitting.

Alternatives: Alternative products make up a growing percentage of the stop smoking ecosystem. Some alternatives are not products at all, for example acupuncture, while others are things like vaping, natural diets or supplements. Though many of the alternatives are unregulated and therefore often have little scientific studies behind their use and success rates, there is one alternative to smoking that does have some real promise; Vaping or ecigarettes.

A Smoking Alternative

How to quit smoking? or How to quit smoking cold turkey? Both of these are common questions that many smokers deal with once they make up their minds that smoking is not for them. The alternative to smoking for a growing number of smokers is vaping, which is known to have a 65-80% smoking cessation rate over at least one year.

Vaping or vape is technology that gives smokers a similar sensation and activity to smoking a cigarette without the tobacco or the 43 known carcinogens, 400+ toxic chemicals/compounds, up to 4,000 chemicals and nasty odor. Vaping uses electronic technology to vaporize eliquid which can contain varying levels of nicotine that you can choose. The end result is a smoking like experience and feeling that enables many people to finally break the stranglehold of smoking cigarettes instantly, through an alternative that has been identified as 95% less harmful than smoking.

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