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New To Vaping?

If you’re new to vaping, we know you likely have a lot of questions or may even be feeling a little overwhelmed or confused just trying to understand the vape technology, terms and processes involved in vaping. Fortunately, you have a friend and we are here to help. Our new to vaping page was designed to help smokers quit smoking using vaping, educate new vapers on how things work and provide instructions and information on using your new vaping mod device you got from Juç. So let’s get you going!

My Juç Mod Device

If you got your vaping mod device through your Vape Crusaders Juç subscription or are new to vaping, you’re in luck! We help you get rolling with your new vaping device. Get step by step video help for setting up and using your new vape mod. Ready?

Vaping Terminology

If you’re new to vaping, things can get a bit confusing. There’s a lot of terminology and acronyms that are often not clarified very well for new vapers. Not to worry, we have you covered with vaping terminology.

Vaping Tips/Information

It’s been said that “we get by with a little help from our friends.” It’s true! So, we know you’re smart and will figure it out, but some vaping tips and information when you’re new to vaping can go a long way!

Mod Device Videos

If you got your mod device through your Vape Crusaders Juc eliquid subscription and are new to vaping, we’ve put together step by step video instructions that will guide you through getting your mod setup, as well as vaping with it. (back to top)

Video 1 – Opening and Filling Your New Juc Vaping Mod

If you just received your new vaping mod device from Vape Crusaders Juc, this video will cover what is in the vape box, getting it setup and filling your mod with eliquid.

Video 2 – Using Your New Vape Mod Device

In this video we cover using your new vaping mod that you received through your Vape Crusaders Juç subscription. We discuss turning on the mod, turning the mod off, your air flow options, drip tips, vaping mod adjustments and how to vape with your vaping device.

Video 3 – Additional Tips On Using Your Vaping Mod

In this video we go over additional tips on using your Vape Crusaders Juç mod, charging instructions, and helpful hints about your mod battery and coils, when you’re new to vaping, plus quitting smoking with vaping.

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Vaping Terminology

Here are some of the common vaping terms and definitions that you’ll want to know when you are new to vaping: (back to top)

Mod – Is short for “module” and refers to an entire vaping device. You may sometimes here a mod also referred to as a “setup”. Either way, a mod is the device used to atomize your vaping ejuice into an inhalable form.

eLiquid – Also referred to as juice, ejuice or vape juice, e-liquid is the fluid used in vaping and is what the coil atomizes into vapor when you drag on your mod.

Coil – Is the component within the mod that atomizes the eliquid. Sometimes it is also referred to as the atomizer.

Tank – The top part of the mod device where the ejuice is held and the coil is inserted.

Dropper – The piece that is screwed into the bottle of eliquid, which is used to extract and squeeze the ejuice into mod tank or atomizer.

ML – The acronym for milileters, which is the standard measurement for most eliquids. Juç typically offers our vape juice in either 15ml sample sizes and 60ml bottle sizes.

MG – Refers to milligrams, which is the common measurement for nicotine levels within e-liquids as well as cigarettes. Juç developes its e-liquid in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg nicotine levels, providing the most common nicotine options for our vape users.

Drip tip – The replaceable mouth piece component of the mod where your lips touch the device when vaping. The mod we offer typically has two different mouth pieces provided. You have a choice of using the swirled tip, which is best for preventing eliquid from spitting back in your mouth while vaping, and a clear tip that facilitates bigger hits and more flavor.

Burnt hit – Is a foul taste that comes from burnt cotton within the coil atomizer. This can occur when your tank is out of ejuice, the coil was not properly primed or installed, or if the coil has reached its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

Prime the coil – The process of making the cotton in your coil appropriately wet and ready for vaping.

Pass through – The USB plug on a mod that allows you to charge and vape simultaneously.

Throat hit – The harshness in the back of the throat that comes from the vapor emitted from the mod device. This sensation is typically stronger the higher the nicotine level you are vaping. Smokers that are transitioning to vaping tend to find the throat hit very helpful and comparable to their cigarette drags, making quitting smoking by vaping much more effective than other methods.

Vapors tongue – A rare occurrence that results in the loss of taste “flavor” or a weird taste from eliquid. Vapors tongue can be caused by several things, however the main reason is typically being too used to a flavor and needing to switch to a different eliquid flavor. Drinking water or eating something salty can help alleviate the problem as well.

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Vaping Tips & Info

We’ve put together a list of vape tips and helpful information on vaping to help you on your vaping journey. If you’re new to vaping, these vaping tips will get you started off right: (back to top)

Does Vaping Really Work? – Let’s start off with one of the most frequent questions we get from smokers that are looking to quit smoking. In short, yes vaping does really work for a huge percentage of people that are committed to stop smoking. We have a complete article on this topic that we think you’ll find helpful. Click Here

3 Minute Rule – We have helped hundreds of smokers to quit smoking. In fact, many on our team used to smoke. So we have devised a helpful rule that enables smokers to quit smoking through vaping. Though many find the transition to be the easiest that they have every experienced while trying to quit smoking, there are times where you may experience a struggle. The 3 minute rule of vaping simply states that when you are struggling with quitting and really want a cigarette, simply take 3 minutes to reflect, wait and breathe. After the 3 minutes, grab your mod and start vaping again. When you’re new to vaping, we have found that this simple process helps fight the cravings and enables you to break the smoking habit more successfully.

There’s a setup for everyone – Our experience has shown that no matter who you are or how long you have smoked, there is a setup for you that will work. What we mean by that is that there is a mod device, tank and coil that will work with your specific personality, cravings and needs, which will enable you to quit smoking effectively. We want to encourage you to not give up when you are new to vaping and reach out to us for assistance. Simply login to your my account page and send us a help or support request and we will help you determine the mod device setup that will get you what you need in your vaping experience.

There’s a eliquid flavor for everyone – Everyone is different, that we know. But we all have different tastes and flavor preferences for food, beverages and yes even vape eliquid. Again, our experience has shown that there is an eliquid flavor or combination of flavors that will work for every individual that wants to quit smoking. If you are struggling to find the perfect Juç ejuice flavor that works for you, login to your my account page and send us a vaping help or support request and we will help you determine the e-liquid that will work for you. Even though you are new to vaping, you are not alone. We’re here to help you understand vaping and how it can work for you.

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