Imagine if you will that an industry that has been proven to help millions of people reduce their risk of death from the effects of smoking by helping them quit at a massively improved rate over any other known method, was being squashed by governments and big business. No, you haven’t just entered the Twilight Zone. This is exactly what is occurring in the United States and around the world toward vaping and ecigarettes.

Is there a conspiracy against e-cigarettes and the vaping industry? We’ll let you decide…

Evidence Of A Conspiracy Against Vaping

In the award winning documentary A Billion Lives, the filmmakers take you on a journey while they investigate ecigs and vaping. They interview experts, scientists and government officials about vaping, big tobacco and big pharma and uncover a conspiracy that should enrage you. The independent film that took no outside money from business or organizations, traveled the world interviewing the people who have been impacted negatively by tobacco companies, the inside stories about smoking and how vaping and e-cigarettes came into being, as well as the evidence of vape’s ability to much more safely and effectively help smokers quit.

Furthermore, A Billion Lives produces both scientific and expert evidence surrounding the coverup of these facts and the attempt of business, lobbies and governments to shut down the vaping industry in order to protect the profits of tobacco and pharmaceutical companies around the world. As if that wasn’t enough, the film that is winning nearly every film festival award it attends, also details the massive amount of revenues that governments receive from big tobacco companies, and why the threat of losing that money is driving a worldwide conspiracy against vape companies, manufacturers and eliquid makers.

Vaping Is Under Attack

E Cigarettes are being attacked using a multi-pronged approach, by a shadowy heap of people and groups. The seige against vaping is primarily being driven from three main tactical areas. In all cases, misinformation, building fear and lobbying government officials are the methods being used to discredit vaping.

Let’s briefly review the three main areas where the war on vaping is being waged.

1- The Media – Using information and biased studies that are often paid for by tobacco companies and distributed among the medical community, the media have become willing participants in the attacks against vaping. They get to appear knowledgeable and concerned for the well-being of their viewers and readers, while feeding misinformation and propaganda without doing their own investigative research.

2- Big Business – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when millions of people quit smoking tobacco, pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare community stand to lose billions of dollars. Just like the tobacco industry lied to us in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and with the aid of the media and the medical community distributing their false information and biased research studies, we are seeing it happen again.

The big business attack is continuing today against vaping, vape manufacturers and eliquid producers, which now represent the biggest threat to their industries, revenues and profits that they have ever seen. They are clearly not just gonna take it, and are doing everything in their power including deceit, lies and coercion to save their profitable domain worth billions of dollars each year.

3- Governments – You’ve heard the term, follow the money, right? Well, that’s what you are going to have to do to understand the government motivation in the conspiracy against vaping. You see, in 1998 the tobacco companies struck a deal with 46 US states, called the Master Settlement Agreement. In the agreement, big tobacco agreed to pay these governments a whole lot of money every year, based on their tobacco revenues from each state.

Since vaping came on the scene, more and more people are easily kicking the addiction to smoking. This is dramatically impacting the amount of money that these 46 states receive each year from the tobacco companies. The bottom line is this… Big tobacco went from focusing on addicting smokers to their products and instead focused on addicting government to their money. It’s not hard to see why so many states are eager to inhibit the use of vaping by any means necessary. Are you starting to get the picture?

Vaping Versus Smoking

As we have outlined in our previous article about the dramatically improved health benefits of vaping and ecigs over smoking traditional cigarettes, there is just no comparison. It is a fact that vaping is considerably more safe than smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes.

Here are some quick facts to show the dramatic difference between smoking and vaping.

Smoking Fact: “There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes. 51 of them are known to be carcinogenic. A carcinogen is something that causes cancer.” – source

Vaping Fact: “A new Portland State University study finds that e-cigarettes produce 15 compounds… From regular cigarettes there are thousands of compounds produced. Here we’re talking about a handful of compounds.” – source

Now, we are no math wizards here and we are certainly not doctors, but using a little basic math and some common sense, it isn’t difficult to see the dramatic difference between the amount of chemicals contained in combustible cigarettes compared to the compounds contained in vape or ecigarettes.

Scientific Fact: “E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review.” – source

So the next time you hear the news media “reporting” on the damaging effects of vape cigarettes or vaping, without citing the study source, the funding behind the study, or comparing it to the drastically more harmful smoking toxins, beware. There is a conspiracy at work to bolster the windfall revenues of tobacco companies, the income from failed stop smoking pharmaceutical aids and the addiction of government to the financial settlement monies doled out by big tobacco to many states in the USA.

There is indeed a conspiracy against vaping and ecigs. Knowing the truth behind what is going on and the potential health consequences for millions of people is devastating. There is no doubt that vaping is the best known method for helping people to quit smoking and the results are quite impressive. Nearly 80% of people that use vape and ecigs to quit smoking are successful. Breaking the government attempt to restrict vaping, tax ecigs excessively or completely destroy the vaping industry altogether, is beyond reprehensible. This conspiracy threatens the health of millions around the world!

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